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07 11 13 - prizes;
The top three winners of each challenge will be awarded set prizes that have been predetermined by the moderators. Unless unfortunate circumstances arise and we’re forced to make changes to the rewards, these prizes will remain the same. However, we hope that no such happenings will occur and that we can only add to the list of prizes!

Two of our mods/judges have been nice enough to compose for the prizes. Please take into consideration that composing doesn't just happen. Please be respectful to them (as composers) and if your composition isn't posted in time or isn't what you had expected, please do not rush/hate them. They're already generous enough to take time out of their personal lives and compose something (even if it's thirty seconds long).

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07 11 13 - rules;
The following are the rules of the community, though the list is subject to change if need be.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of the other moderators! c:
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